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  • All tile pouches arranged loosely on a red background
  • Small cardboard box with Kiri logo on each side containing the Kiri Smart Block
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Tile Pack Subscription

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13-month subscription plan

With the help of education professionals, we designed a subscription plan to cover children’s play-based needs: learning language fundamentals and exploring new interests. Start with the essentials or the explorations — once you’ve received all of the packs in one group, we’ll start sending you packs from the other group. Overall, you’ll receive tile packs for 13 months.

Our subscriptions are a great learning tool for children of all abilities, ages 3 and up. And the Essentials subscription can also be useful for language learners picking up a new foreign language, regardless of age! Each tile pack includes 20 tiles, except for the Alphabet Tile Pack, which includes 26.

Subscribe now to supercharge language learning with this educational toy!