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    A screenless smart toy? Yes, it exists and kids (and parents) love it

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Young girl in a blue shirt playing with Kiri Smart Blocks and Food Tile Pack at a wood table

The modern wooden block.

With cutting-edge technology, Kiri brings the wooden block into the 21st century. Plus, eco-friendly materials make Kiri an advanced alternative to plastic toys.

Learn About Kiri

How it works

Kiri is a 2-inch smart wooden block that’s activated to reply when touching a mode card and a subject-based tile, both of which are embedded with RFID chips. The block responds differently depending on the mode of play selected on the mode card:  

🔍 In Explore Mode, the block pronounces the word on the tile and glows in a related color; it also plays the sound associated with the tile for our Instrument and Music Genre Tile Packs. 

📖 In Definitions Mode, Kiri says the word for the child and then defines it in English. 

🧠 In Quiz Mode, Kiri asks the child to find the tile that matches the word it says and then tells the learner if they got the correct answer or not.

Choose from three languages — English, Chinese (Mandarin), and Spanish — and three modes of play on the mode card. It’s the latest in educational toys for toddlers and up.

Watch Kiri in action here!