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  • Two tile pack pouches, an instruction manual, the Smart  Block, and tote bag arranged on a yellow background
  • Kiri Smart Block on white background from a slight downward angle
  • Kiri Toys instruction manual on a white background
  • Kiri instruction manual on a white background
  • Cloth zippered Instruments Tile Pack pouch on white background with three tiles spilling out
  • Cloth zippered Phrases Tile Pack pouch on white background with three tiles spilling out
  • White tote decorated with Kiri Toys logos laying flat on a white table
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The Kiri Starter Kit

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The Kiri Starter Kit includes everything you need to start a child’s language-learning adventure! 

Built on Montessori principles that encourage self-directed, multisensory play, Kiri is an ideal learning tool for children of all abilities. With it, kids are empowered to learn the fundamentals of three languages: English, Spanish, and Chinese (Mandarin).

What’s in the Starter Pack? 

  • Kiri Smart Block — Use modern technology minus the screen for children 3 and up 
  • Charger — Fuel three hours of continuous play with one charge via USB port
  • Instruments Tile Pack — Hear the sound of 20 instruments, as well as their names
  • Phrases Tile Pack — Learn up to 5-word common phrases on 20 tiles
  • Mode Card — Touch the Block to the Mode Card to choose a language and a learning mode
  • Tote Bag — Keep your Kiri Block and Tile Pack in one place
  • Instruction Manual — Learn how to use Kiri, the Mode Card, and the Tile Packs

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    Best Invention of 2020

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    A screenless smart toy? Yes, it exists and kids (and parents) love it

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    A World Changing Idea

Kiri Smart Block and nine tiles on a wooden table set in front of a chair pushed under the table

A toy as unique as your child

Each Kiri Smart Block has a one-of-a-kind grain pattern from eco-friendly beechwood. 

The perfect educational toy for toddlers and up, Kiri grows with children — instead of children outgrowing it. With an expanding library of Tile Packs, and smart features to personalize your child’s learning experience coming soon, Kiri is a timeless, adaptive toy that will mature alongside your child’s skills and curiosity.