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  • Two tile pack pouches, an instruction manual, the Smart  Block, and tote bag arranged on a yellow background
  • Kiri Smart Block on white background from a slight downward angle
  • Kiri Toys instruction manual on a white background
  • Kiri instruction manual on a white background
  • Cloth zippered Instruments Tile Pack pouch on white background with three tiles spilling out
  • Cloth zippered Phrases Tile Pack pouch on white background with three tiles spilling out
  • White tote decorated with Kiri Toys logos laying flat on a white table
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Kiri Starter Kit: The screen-free smart toy for language learning

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Built on Montessori principles that encourage self directed, multi sensory play, Kiri is a talking block that empowers kids to learn the fundamentals of three languages: English, Spanish, and Chinese (Mandarin). With Kiri kids can boost their motor skills, accelerate language development, improve concentration, and develop their problem solving without the use of a screen.

How does it work?

Kids will simply place the smart block on top of a tile, and the block will say the word associated with that tile out loud. By first touching the block to the mode card they can switch between explore mode and quiz mode, and choose between three different languages - English, Spanish, and Chinese (Mandarin).

What’s in the Starter Pack? 

  • Kiri Smart Block — A talking block that uses modern technology minus the screen to help kids learn through play (ages 3+)
  • Charger — Fuel three hours of continuous play with one charge via USB port
  • Instruments Tile Pack — Hear the sound of 20 instruments, as well as their names
  • Phrases Tile Pack —Learn 20 common phrases that are each up to 5 words each.
  • Mode Card — Touch the Block to the Mode Card to choose a language and a learning mode
  • Tote Bag — Keep your Kiri Block and Tile Pack in one place
  • Instruction Manual — Learn how to use Kiri, the Mode Card, and the Tile Packs

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    Best Invention of 2020

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    A screenless smart toy? Yes, it exists and kids (and parents) love it

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    A World Changing Idea


Kiri Smart Block and nine tiles on a wooden table set in front of a chair pushed under the table

A toy as unique as your child

Each Kiri Smart Block has a one-of-a-kind grain pattern from eco-friendly beechwood. 

The perfect educational toy for toddlers and up, Kiri grows with children — instead of children outgrowing it. With an expanding library of Tile Packs, and smart features to personalize your child’s learning experience coming soon, Kiri is a timeless, adaptive toy that will mature alongside your child’s skills and curiosity.

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