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The Kiri Starter Pack

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The Kiri Starter Pack comes with all the essentials you need to start your Kiri learning adventure!

  • 1 Kiri Smart Block
  • 2 Tile Packs (Instruments and Phrases)
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 Tote Bag
  • 1 Mode Card
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • Best Invention of 2020

  • A screenless smart toy? Yes, it exists and kids (and parents) love it

  • A World Changing Idea

Inspired by the wooden block

Each and every Kiri Smart Block is singular because of the unique wood grain of each block of Beech wood. And like Kiri, no two children are the same. The classic wooden block served as our inspiration, while incorporating a modern sensibility towards technology and sustainability.