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Colors Tile Pack

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  • This pack includes all of your favorite colors, including: 
    • Black, Blue, Brown, Forest, Fuchsia, Gold, Gray, Green, Indigo, Lime, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Peach, Pink, Purple, Red, Turquoise, White, Yellow
  • Toggle between Explore and Definition modes or Start a Quiz using the Mode Card (included in the Kiri Starter Pack)
  • Learn all tiles in English, Chinese (Mandarin), and Spanish

Our tiles work just like magic

Made of thick durable card stock, each tile is embedded with a small RFID chip. When tapped by the Kiri Smart Block, a small burst of energy travels through the air powering the tile's chip for a millisecond. Just enough time to tell the Smart Block which sound to play and color to glow.

  • Primary Colors

    Develop an understanding of the basic foundational colors of which all others are made.

  • Grayscale

    Technically not colors since they aren’t found on the visible spectrum, our experiences of each are perhaps the most common.

  • Tertiary Colors

    Discover the results of combining colors and shades and recall your experience of each.