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  • Cloth zippered Counting Tile Pack pouch on white background with four tiles spilling out
  • Counting Pack tiles arranged loosely in a pile on white background
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Counting Tile Pack

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Learning to count has never been more fun, with four different ways to learn 11 numbers: 0 - 10 (zero through ten)!

  • This pack includes two sets of 11 tiles for 22 tiles total:
    • One set shows the numeric value on one side (3) and the word on the other (three)
    • The other set shows a hand (or hands) holding up the correct number of fingers on one side and the corresponding number of dots on the other in groups of 4 (think dominos)
  • Discover more ways to play by toggling between the Explore, Definition, and Quiz Modes using the Mode Card, included in the Kiri Starter Kit; the Block responds with the number when placed on all Counting Tiles 
  • These tiles work in all three languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin), and Spanish

Our tiles work just like magic

Each Kiri Tile is made of thick, durable card stock and embedded with a small RFID chip. When the Smart Block taps a tile, the tile’s chip sends a signal to the block that then replies with the corresponding word, phrase, or sound, depending on the mode chosen. When interacting with Kiri Color Tiles, the block glows with the matching color, too. It’s just like magic — or at least that’s what the kids think!

With three modes of play, Kiri’s educational toys promise hours of fun, interactive learning.

  • Three Counting Pack tiles each with a different number of circles on it

    Ten-Frame Method

    The ten frame counting method is a visual teaching aid that uses circles, squares and rectangles to teach counting 0-10.

  • Three Counting Pack tiles with the numbers four, seven, and zero


    Learn how to count zero and the first 10 positive integers using digits and where they fit in relation to each other.

  • Three Counting Pack tiles each showing a set of hands in different shades holding up a number of fingers

    Counting With Fingers

    Learn how to recognize numbers using fingers and hands.

  • Three Counting Pack tiles showing the words seven, three, and nine


    Learn how to read and spell numbers 0-10.

  • Four Counting Pack tiles showing the word nine, the number four, and representations of numbers

    4 Different Counting Methods

    Every child grasps learning concepts differently. This pack is a great teaching tool because it's multifaceted in method.