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  • Cloth zippered Pets Tile Pack pouch on white background with four tiles spilling out
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Pets Tile Pack

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Learn all about furry, scaly, and feathered friends with the Kiri Pets Tile Pack. This pack covers all of children’s favorite pets and introduces new ones.

  • Includes 20 tiles with a word on one side and a colorful illustration on the other side: 
    • Cat, Chicken, Hamster, Dog, Iguana, Snake, Turtle, Parrot, Blowfish, Frog, Goat, Kitten, Fish, Puppy, Pony, Pig, Lizard, Mouse, Tarantula, Rabbit 
  • Discover more ways to play by toggling between the Explore, Definition, and Quiz Modes using the Mode Card, included in the Kiri Starter Kit
  • These tiles work in all three languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin), and Spanish

Our tiles work just like magic

Each Kiri Tile is made of thick, durable card stock and embedded with a small RFID chip. When the Smart Block taps a tile, the tile’s chip sends a signal to the block that then replies with the corresponding word, phrase, or sound, depending on the mode chosen. When interacting with Kiri Color Tiles, the block glows with the matching color, too. It’s just like magic — or at least that’s what the kids think!

With three modes of play, Kiri’s educational toys promise hours of fun, interactive learning.

  • Four tiles from the Pets Tile Pack showing the words puppy and cat and images of a puppy and cat

    Pets Through Development

    Connect the similarities and understand the differences between young and grown common pets.

  • Four tiles from the Pets Tile Pack showing the words chicken and goat and images of a horse and pig

    Farm Animals

    Learn about fun pets you might find on an idyllic farm.

  • Three tiles from the Pets Tile Pack showing the word tarantula and images of a snack and a bird

    Pets From The Jungle

    Discover pets from all parts of the jungle. From creepy crawlies to birds that fly high.

  • Four tiles from the Pets Tile Pack showing the words frog and fish and images of a turtle and fish

    Aquatic Pets

    Discover pets who live in and love the water.

  • Two images of the lizard card, one with an image and one with the word lizard


    These pets have colored scales and long tails.

  • Three pets tiles showing a mouse bunny and hamster

    Woodland Creatures

    Learn about these furry friends you might find as pets.